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​​​​​​​​​1. What is ​OfferCommerce ?

OfferComm​erce is a secure shopping cart software built on SharePoint platform​ using ASP.Net / HTML5 / SQL / JQUERY.

This add-in requires one of the following applications:

    • ​​SharePoint 2013 or Later
    • SharePoint Online

2. Does OfferCommerce support PayPal?

Yes, PayPal is supported by OfferCommerce

3. Does OfferCommerce support Stripe Payment​?

Yes, OfferCommerce supports Stripe Credit Card processing.

4. How does OfferCommerce compare with free shopping carts?

Free software:

1) The license costs nothing.

2) You need a decent technical expertise or a hired specialist to install all the add-ons/skins you need and make them work together on your server.

3) When a security patch is out you need to either pay a good deal for the update and making your store work after that, spend days/weeks on it yourself or risk the store being hacked.

4) The hired developers often tend to tie you up the way that you either pay monthly or your store breaks.

5) If you need support, there’s only community which has no particular reason to answer you at all and carry no responsibility when they do.

7) When you’d want to accept credit cards right on your website to improve conversion you’ll need to either migrate to $3500+ a year plan, losing number of your features, or just forget about it.


1) To start you just need to install the app by one click of a button.

2) When you need to upgrade/update the store, click just one button and the software handles this automatically.

3) When you need an extra feature you can have us build it for you.

4) When you need assistance can call us 24/7 and they will be someone on the phone to help. You can also choose between community, which is very active by the way, and offer technical support.

5) When you need to accept credit cards right on your website, you simply sign up for Stripe Payments, by entering your email and password. It's that simple.

5. What is the difference between OfferCommere packages ?

Follow the link below to see the different options:

OfferCommerce Packages

6. Can I purchase installation and/or customization services AFTER ordering OfferCommerce ?

Yes, Absolutely!

7. What payment gateways does OfferCommerce support?

OfferCommerce currently support Str​ipe Payment and PayPal. We are adding over 20 additional gateways including Intuit in the next release.

8. I already have a merchant account. Is it possible to use it with OfferCommerce ?

Yes, it is possible. Please contact us for more details.

9. Can I incorporate this software into my existing SharePoint website ?

Yes you can. OfferCommerce can be easily integrated with any look and layout.

10. If I purchase one OfferCommerce license, can I set it up at more than one website ?

No, You will need to purchase a license for each store.

11. If I purchase an OfferCommerce package (e.g. Premium), is it possible to upgrade later ?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact us and will handle the upgrade for you.​

12. Will OfferCommerce run well on Microsoft Azure website ?

Yes, absolutely

13. Do I need to have administrator access rights to server in order to install OfferCommerce ?

No, Server Administrator rights are not required

14. What permissions do I need in order to install OfferCommerce ?

​You will need to have at least SharePoint Site 'Contribute' Level Permissions to install the app.

15. I have several different domain names pointing to the same site. Do I need to purchase several licenses ?

​No, OfferCommerce License will works for one store. You can have multiple domains pointing to that particular store. 

16. ​​My credit card processing gateway is not present in the list of supported gateways. What can I do        to make OfferCommerce support my Credit Card processing gateway ?

If you need to use your current credit card gateway, just Contact us and we will handle the integration for you

17. Once I decide to purchase OfferCommerce, how do I get it ?

For Office 365 and On-Premise users, you can just​ install it directly from site content after downloading it from Microsoft SharePoint Marketplace. On-Premise customers that uploaded the app to App Catalog will get activation key to register the App under configuration (admin) back-end of your installed app. You can request a free trial from our website

18. Is it possible to add options to my products (ie. sizes ,colors, etc) ?

Yes, you can add product options (variants) to any of your products

19. Does OfferCommerce allow sale of e-goods? In other words is software sold for download only (no shipping) ?

Yes, this feature is supported by OfferCommerce

20. Is it easy to upgrade the app?

Absolutely, Go to Site Content and select OfferCommerce App ellipsis. Select upgrade and you are done.

21. I am developing my site at one URL then moving it to production site when we go live. Will I be able to change the URL under the same license?

Yes, absolutely. Just download the app part from the app catalog and move it to production app catalog. However you can only activate the app in one environment. We will recommend you purchase a development license and activate the app from both sites.

22. I want you to install my OfferCommerce App. Is it possible ?

​​Yes, absolutely. We are available 24/7 to help you through the entire process. 

23. I like your demo. Is this how the cart looks before any customization ?

​After you install OfferCommerce on your site, the cart will look exactly as the demo

24. Which platform do you recommend for installing OfferCommerce?​

​We recommend you to choose either SharePoint Server, Microsoft Azure or Office 365.​

25. Is OfferCommerce PCI compliant?

OfferCommerce is out of PCI scope because it does not receive, store or transmit credit card data. OfferCommerce integrates with PCI compliant payment processors like PayPal and Stripe that require visitors to enter credit card details on their secure and safe payment forms. When the users enter enter credit cards right on your web-site pages none of their credit card information is saved on your site. Only the Payment gateway use the information to process the payment. 

26. What about lifetime license and upgrades ?​

The price includes a lifetime license. However, If you want to receive upgrades, you will need to pay the annual upgrade subscription fee of, $99.95.

27. What if I don’t pay for upgrades (nor do I upgrade the software) say, for 5 years, but finally realize that I want to get an upgrade?

We strongly recommend to be up to date with the software. However, in this case you have to pay 80% of license costs, but not less than $99.95

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