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21April, 2017

Add B2B and B2C sales order ...

Organizations also use OfferCommerce to create company classified ads for employees. Employees can buy and sell personal belongings from their intranet portal.

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19April, 2017

Invalid API Key Provided issues

​You will generally see this error message when you are trying create a new coupon code without retrieving your stripe API Key. To get a new Stripe API key, please follow the steps below:

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13Feb, 2017

Does Stripe offer email receipts?

Yes! Stripe payment provide the ability to send email receipts to your customers for any (one-time or recurring) charge, and you can see a preview of what our email receipts look like here.

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Premium Annual Support

Besides our Basic 100% FREE Support, we also have a big team of experience developers ready to offer extended service and support offerings with our Premium Annual Support plan to better suit your support needs. With this plan, you are assured to get the most professional advice and efficient assistance from our Senior Tech Team.

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