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Smart Responsive Slider on SharePoint platform

Brief description:

SharePoint Smart Slider will let you create impressive eye-catching lively images on your existing SharePoint on-premise or office 365 site. This Slider lets you replace the default SharePoint slideshow web part with a much more sophisticated presentation. The slider can be enabled or disabled from anonymous users. You can adjust the size of the slider by using the client web part properties. The slider comes loaded with a lot of designs. We will look at a them shortly. You can even customize the slider with your own CSS styles and JavaScript.

Unlike other SharePoint Add-ins that are only available to your intranet, this Smart Slider is available to your intranet, extranet and internet public facing sites. The Slider comes with an elegant animation effects. Fully configurable. The Slider comes with thumbnails and buttons for easy navigation of slides. It’s also responsive and configurable through the admin interface.
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